Administration to Re-Direct up to $473.4 Million in Unused Earmarks

Are Your State Transportation Funds Impacted?

On August 17th, the Obama Administration announced that it would use up to $473.4 million in unused appropriation earmarks provided by previous Congresses spanning from 2003 to 2006 to pay for new transportation projects. US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said the Administration scoured the federal government to identify the unused funds while Congress was enduring rancorous debate on the on-again, off-again transportation re-authorization negotiations that ultimately ended up in a $105 billion, 2-year deal. The deal was reached just prior to the expiration of the ninth extension (2009) of the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU).

Use it or Lose it!

States for which the unused funding is directed have until October 1 to identify and notify the Administration that they plan to use the funds. Funds must be obligated by December 31, 2012. Funds not obligated by the December 31 deadline will be proportionally redistributed in the remaining eight months of FY 2013 to states that met the deadline.

As examples:

  • California has over $43 million at stake for funding directed towards projects including but not limited to; I-880/Coleman Avenue Exchange, I-15 (Falchion Road)/State Route 18 Interchange, K Street off-ramp, Tulare, California agri-Center Interchange, Tulare, CA, Port of Oakland, California Inter-Regional Intermodal System, I-40/Arizona 95 Interconnect, Needles, CA.
  • Texas has $31 million at stake for funding directed toward IH35, Dallas I-30 replacement bridge, ports to plains, Highway 6 Bypass and the Denton I-35E Bridge at Loop 288/U.S. 77.
  • Pennsylvania has $28.5 million at stake for funding directed toward Delaware River Port Authority–Ben Franklin Bridge, 26th Street Extension – Philadelphia Naval Business Center, Alle-Kiski Connector Bridge, North Delaware River Road, West Philadelphia Streetscape/Gateway Improvements, PA-10 widening, New Morgan Borough.

To review the impacted states and totals for all projects click here. To see impacted projects by state click here.

State, municipal and organizations that require assistance in retaining funds earmarked for their state may contact Cansler Consulting for help in navigating the necessary requirements before the October 1st deadline.

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