President Trump Challenges to Use Better Infrastructure Techniques

During the COVID-19 press conference on April 5, President Trump addressed a question on the need and timing of infrastructure improvements for the U.S. ┬áPresident Trump supports a massive investment in much-needed improvements to U.S. roads, rail, bridges, levees, drinking water, seaports, airports, etc. that will also help spur the economy post-COVID-19 pandemic. President Trump…

@EPA and @USCG Continue Work in Tandem on Regulatory Framework for Discharges from Commercial Vessels

Shipping companies and seaports should be aware of the potential impacts of the VIDA national standards of performance currently being crafted. Do you know about ongoing and future developments of the VIDA regulations? If not, contact us at [email protected], or (202)714-2822.

U.S. Ports Critical to Global Competitiveness

With more than one-quarter of U.S. gross domestic product hanging in the balance, U.S. seaports need to be improved if they want to be more competitive in today’s global economy. Today, ports find themselves on the never-ending treadmill of maintaining efficient operations and installing costly infrastructure upgrades to maintain U.S. competitiveness. Fighting for survival in the middle of an economic recession will require an unique strategy that includes non-traditional public-private investments.