Presidential Election Year Holds Little Promise

iStock_000012140466_Small2015 Productive Legislative Year For Congress, But 2016 Presidential Election Year Holds Little Promise

The U.S. House and Senate reconvened in January for the 2nd Session of the 114th Congress after closing out a very productive and bipartisan 1st legislative session.  Major accomplishments during the last session of Congress included:

  • repairing how the Medicare program pays physicians
  • overhauling the education law No Child Left Behind
  • adopting a 5 (but will become a 3)-year highway bill totaling $300 billion
  • passing all 12 appropriations bills in a $1.15 trillion Omnibus spending bill that funds all government agencies for FY 2016 and includes policy riders that end the ban on U.S. exports of crude oil and helps resolve data breaches of government information.…