What does a Lobbyist do?

Lobbying” seems to have become a dirty word in recent years given the recent illegal activities of former lobbyist Jack Abramoff. The truth of the matter is the current laws caught Jack Abramoff.  Lobbying accomplished ethically and professionally is making sure the proper government officials hear and understand both sides of an issue before making a decision. Lobbyists are hired by an association, corporation, non-profit organization and even communities to get their voice heard by (and hopefully influence) our policy makers. Every school child knows the phrase “No taxation without representation”. In today’s world, lobbyists ARE the representation of associations & businesses to our elected governmental representatives.…

The Farm Bill Pt. 1

Lobbying regarding Farm BillRe-authorization of the upcoming 2012 Farm Bill is an important piece of legislation that impacts multiple constituencies.  We have dedicated a multi-part series of articles to keep you informed and to provide some professional insights.  The articles will entail some background on the Farm Bill, considerations unique to the Farm Bill and the impact of it.

Will the Farm Bill be re-authorized? 

The Farm Bill will be reauthorized by its expiration date in September 2012, because……