Top 10 Reasons Smaller Entrepreneurial Lobbying Firms are Better Part 1

In this series of articles, we will demonstrate why smaller, entrepreneurial  lobbying firms are better for most clients than larger, mega-firms. This is in response to the multiple mergers, acquisitions and increased involvement of multi-national firms that is occurring in Washington, D.C.  as reported by The Hill in June of this year.  Keep in mind, this is not true for every situation, huge corporations with enormous lobbying budgets may need (and be able to afford) the additional staffing and resources that a mega-sized lobbying firm can bring to the table.

Sample of Mega-Lobbying Firm Focus/Revenue

Sample of Mega-Lobbying Firm Focus/Revenue

But for the majority of organizations out there that don’t have large lobbying budgets, a smaller more specialized and entrepreneurial firm can be more effective due to the enhanced focus they offer and it comes at an affordable price. We have categorized the benefits of hiring a smaller, entrepreneurial lobbying firm into the following…

  • Cost Effective
  • More Focus
  • More Experience
  • More Agile
  • More Connected
  • More Results