Top 10 Reasons Smaller Lobbying Firms are Better Part 3

Using technology to stay connected to govt and clients9.) Smaller, Entrepreneurial Lobbying Firms are Connected

Large lobbying firms are slower to utilize technological connectivity until their I.T. departments can set up a policy and roll it out company wide. But more and more government is now embracing new technologies and social media such as Facebook and Twitter as the tech-savvy Generation Y enters the workforce. Smaller, entrepreneurial firms are able to embrace these channels that government is using with minimal cost and no need for laborious roll outs or policies. Twitter and Facebook are now major components in every campaign and often make the difference. Solution: pick a smaller, entrepreneurial lobbying firm that embraces and utilizes social media to stay connected to rapid changes in government.

10.) Smaller, Entrepreneurial Firms use Technology FOR You

Smaller, entrepreneurial lobbying firms use new mediums to communicate with their clients and to promote their clients viewpoints, as well as tools for promoting and creating grassroots groundswells. Blogs, smart phone connectivity, video conferencing, email campaigns, virtual meetings can all be used to communicate cheaper, faster and more effectively. Lobbying is simply marketing your views, arguments and policy needs to lawmakers that can enact laws and/or change regulations. Solution: pick a smaller, entrepreneurial lobbying firm that embraces and utilizes social media and new technology as another tool in its arsenal.

BONUS: 11.) Smaller, Entrepreneurial Lobbying Firms Get Results

Smaller, entrepreneurial lobbying firms understand both relationships and competition.  Oftentimes in Washington, D.C. it’s relationships that matter.  But lobbying is becoming more price competitive especially as the U.S. and the world continue to go through austere economic times.  Association board members and corporate Boards of Directors are asking, “How much are we paying those lobbyists and what have they done for us lately?”  “How much are we paying to rent this office space?”  “Why are my membership dues going up?” “How can we save resources and remain effective?”

Smaller, entrepreneurial lobbying firms understand that now more than ever during austere times results matter!  And, if we do not accomplish your legislative and regulatory needs, our replacement will get an opportunity to do so at the time of contract renewal, or before.  Solution: pick a smaller, entrepreneurial lobbying firm that works harder to earn your business day after day and doesn’t take renewal for granted.

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Tim Cansler