The Rural Medical Facility Investment & Improvement Act of 2012

Rural healthcareTo : Rural Hospital Supporters
From : Dr. Lonnie L. Hammargren, M.D.
RE : Federal Rural Hospital Legislation

Dear: Friends:

My name is Dr. Lonnie Hammargren, M.D., having been a decorated Vietnam combat physician, NASA Flight Surgeon, University Regent, Nevada’s 31st Lieutenant Governor and practicing Neurosurgeon for over 40 years, I am writing you today to discuss an important issue regarding our deteriorating rural healthcare system which has resulted in the closure of over 20% of our rural hospitals.

Anyone associated with rural healthcare knows that most of our nation’s 2000 plus rural hospitals were built under the Hill Burton Act of 1946 and surpass 50 years of age. Advancements in patient care and medical technology have outpaced these facilities’ abilities to adapt to 21st Century healthcare making them inefficiently obsolete and cost prohibitive to remodel let alone operate. Many rural hospitals are no longer able to serve their community to its fullest, requiring many rural resident’s to travel long distances to receive even basic healthcare services.

For more information see the Draft of Bill: Rural Medical Facility Investment and Improvement Act of 2012

A Letter from The Nevada Farm Bureau Federation regarding rural healthcare to Senator Harry Reid.

Today, qualifying for grants, loans and loan guarantees are beyond most rural community’s financial ability. Moreover, many of these programs are under the budget axe as Congress tries to overcome budget deficits to save our economy. A unique and affordable solution is urgently needed to assist rural communities in replacing our antiquated rural hospitals which has motivated me to be a proponent of The Rural Medical Facility Investment and Improvement Act of 2012 (RMFIIA).

The attached information provides an overview and purpose of the legislation for your review. It’s imperative for our nation’s Congressional legislators to take a leadership position in recognizing the plight of rural medical care and legislative action is required now if we are to have a chance in saving and revitalizing our rural medical infrastructure. As you are reading, congressional meetings are occurring on Capitol Hill considering reductions to the Federal Budget and Medicare that will significantly impact our rural medical care system. I hope you believe this issue is worthy of your active support for the rural and critical access hospitals in your state.

My request of you today, is for a letter of support from you to be sent to your state’s congressional delegation supporting the RMFIIA to ensure this financing option becomes a reality and is readily available for all rural communities including yours. Where not all rural communities will qualify, the success level of this unique hospital development opportunity will present a higher success ratio than any current federal program offered. I look forward in hearing of your support.

Dr. Lonnie Hammargren, MD
855.884.1880 X 700

Tim Cansler, Cansler Consulting

Tim Cansler