Proactive Lobbying

Good lobbyists foresee obstacles and opportunities

Good lobbyists foresee obstacles and opportunities

A good lobbyist not only advocates a client’s position on issues to legislators, but forecasts upcoming obstacles and opportunities. For years now, we have been proactively advising clients of the nation’s precipitous financial issues on our Cansler Consulting blog. Our ability to assess trends in policy can help steer your organization  through the mine fields of policy changes and program cuts our nation is facing now and in the future.

Past articles relating to today’s financial issues and political trends:

  • National Debt Imbalance and the “fiscal cliff” – impacting thousands of programs, budgets and industries. Thousands of man hours have been dedicating to the reporting and  discussion of “the fiscal cliff” (the sequestration that will force across-the-board cuts in multiple federal programs), but we were able to forecast this impasse months ago and steer our clients appropriately.
  • Farm Bill – what reauthorization means to the agriculture and food industries. The reauthorization of the Farm Bill has been at the top of our list for several years now and the programs that it impacts are still at risk as budget considerations and multiple delays continue to impede its passage.
  • Rural Healthcare – ways to increase jobs and improve healthcare. 60+ million people, including seniors live in rural communities with antiquated hospitals. By building new and technologically efficient 21st Century facilities, we can create new healthcare and construction jobs addressing our nations employment and  medical care needs.
  • Infrastructure Reform – enabling America to be more competitive in a global market with improvements to our to our ports, railways, and communications systems.  Tax reforms are needed to allow U.S. corporations to be competitive and lead in the global economy.
  • Alternative Energy – everyone wants renewable energy, but we need to question whether is it feasible in today’s market and uses the most advanced technologies? Less reliance on foreign oil and fossil fuels is in the nation’s best interest, but in these articles we discussed the realities of today’s alternative energy programs.


Government Relationship Representation

If you need quality representation from an entrepreneurial lobbying firm contact Cansler Consulting. We are a certified lobbying practice that is experienced in the multi-faceted and inter-related industries of Agriculture, Food and Drug Safety, Immigration, Transportation & Infrastructure, International Trade and Energy. Through our congressional and regulatory relationships established for over two decades we can help you influence the policy makers on Capitol Hill and navigate the federal budgeting process. You can contact us at or at (202) 220-3150.

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