Will Anything Be Accomplished Prior to the 2014 General Election?

Capitol in fall iStock_000000663877XSmallWashington, D.C. is always beautiful during the fall season.  But, when congressional members return to Washington they will be met with the same, numerous and tumultuous unfinished business they left at the end of July that was anything but beautiful.  Congress will continue to grapple with issues like immigration reform, farm bill, nutrition entitlements, water resources reauthorization and all 12 of the annual appropriations bills that fund the federal government.  On top of these issues add to it the Syrian conflict, raising the U.S. borrowing authority on the massive $16.7 trillion debt and comprehensive tax reforms.

With such complex issues and given the dysfunction of Congress it remains to be seen what, if anything Congress will accomplish in the remaining 39 legislative days before the end of the year and the 1st session of this 113th Congress.  Moreover from the legislative standpoint, the 2nd session of the congressional calendar that begins after the new year doesn’t look promising either.  2014 is a political election year and the stakes for power and control are high.  While the House is highly likely to remain in Republican control (yes, that depends how you define “control”), the voters in three states, Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia will determine which party will control the U.S. Senate.

The Answer Could Be YES!

While new legislation may be limited in the time remaining this year, getting your organization’s issues heard before the right policy makers can definitely be accomplished. What’s more, the sooner your viewpoints and issues are raised, the more time legislators have to consider them. Our Founding Fathers were fearful of government overreach that’s why government operates as slow as it does.  So, the seeds that you sow early and gradually and carefully cultivate with lawmakers over time eventually lead to your needed change or idea becoming a reality.  The time to begin sowing your seed is now and we can help.

If you need quality representation from an entrepreneurial lobbying firm, contact Cansler Consulting. We are a certified lobbying practice experienced in the mulch-faceted and inter-related industries of Agriculture, Food and Drug Safety, Immigration, Transportation & Infrastructure, International Trade and Energy. Through our congressional and regulatory relationships established for over two decades we can help you influence the policy makers on Capitol Hill and navigate the federal budgeting process. You can contact us at info@canslerconsulting.com or at (202) 220-3150.

Tim Cansler