Cansler Consulting Meets With Members of Congress on Client’s Priority Issues

Cansler Consulting meets with John Boehner and Congress on behalf of clientsThis past week Tim Cansler, founder and senior consultant of Cansler Consulting met with Members of Congress, including Speaker of the US House John Boehner (R-OH), and discussed issues that are top priorities for clients, including Budget, Farm Bill and Rural Healthcare.

“This was a good opportunity for our clients to have their issues front-and-center with leaders in Congress,” said Tim Cansler.

This year Congress has dealt with major issues including budget negotiations to prevent the nation’s credit rating from being downgraded and putting more constraints on our already fragile economy. A budget compromise will undoubtedly impact all discretionary and mandatory government programs at some level. Congress must soon begin deliberations on reforming the tax code and provisions that will spark investments and create jobs. More and more lawmakers are also giving serious consideration of writing the 2012 Farm Bill by year’s end.

Cansler Consulting is an experienced lobbying firm in agricultural, rural healthcare, and energy policies, and our congressional relationships will help you influence the policy makers on Capitol Hill. You can contact us at or at (202) 220-3150.

Tim Cansler