House Committee on Agriculture Maintains Two-thirds of Programs From 2014 Farm Bill With No Budget Baseline Beyond FY 2018

In our blog post on March 7, 2017, we highlighted that 39 programs in the 2014 Farm Bill do not maintain a budget baseline beyond the current fiscal year, FY 2018.  These programs had estimated mandatory spending totaling $2.824 billion over the five-year window of the 2014 Farm Bill from FY 2014-2018.

After review of H.R. 2, the Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018 (2018 Farm Bill) that will be marked-up in the US House Committee on Agriculture tomorrow, April 18, 2018, it appears that about two-thirds of these programs will be maintained.

Below is a list of the programs from the 2014 Farm Bill.  In total, the House Committee on Agriculture continues 25 of the 39 programs in H.R. 2.  Most of the programs that were not extended were pilot projects, reviews and reports that have been completed. Some of the programs continued must rely on the annual appropriations process.

(2014) Section                 Name of Provision                                                             2018 Farm Bill

1614                    Commodity Program Implementation                                               Continued, Sec 1610

2502                    Grassroots Source Water Protection                                                  Continued, Sec 2402

2503                    Voluntary Public Access and Habitat Incentive                                 Continued, Sec 2403

2505                    Small Watershed Rehabilitation                                                          Continued, Sec 2404

2507                    Terminal Lakes                                                                                        Repeal, Sec 2802

2609                    Wetlands Mitigation Banking                                                               Continued, Sec 2102 (b)

3013                    Foreign Market Development Program                                             Continued, Sec 3102 (c)

3205                    Technical Assistance for Specialty Crops                                           Continued, Sec 3102 (d)

4004                    Food Distribution Indian Reservations Feasibility Study                 Continued, Sec 4005

4022                    Pilot Projects to Reduce Dependency                                                Replaced, Sec 4030

4025                    Review of Cash Assistance Program in Puerto Rico                          Completed

4029                    Retail Food Store and Recipient Trafficking                                       Continued, Sec 4034

4031                    Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Pilot                   Completed

4208                    Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive                                                    Continued, Sec 4003

4214                    Pilot for Canned, Frozen, or Dried Fruits, Vegetables                      Completed

6023                    Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance                                                  Continued, Sec 6221

6203                    Value-added Ag. Product Market Development Grants                  Continued, Sec 6501

6210                    Pending Water and Waste Disposal Applications                            Completed

7211                    Organic Agricultural Research and Extension                                   Continued, Sec 7209

7409                    Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development                                  Continued, Sec 5301

7601                    Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research                                Not extended.

9002                    Biobased Markets                                                                                  Not extended.

9003                    Biorefinery Assistance                                                                           Continued, Sec 6402

9004                    Repowering Assistance                                                                         Continued, Sec 6404

9005                    Bioenergy Program for Advanced Biofuels                                        Continued, Sec 6405

9006                    Biodiesel Fuel Education                                                                       Continued, Sec 6406

9008                    Biomass Research and Development                                                 Continued, Sec 7509

9010                    Biomass Crop Assistance                                                                      Continued, Sec 6410

10003                 Farmers’ Market and Local Food Promotion                                     Continued, Sec  9002 annual appropriations

10004(a)             Organic Production and Market Data Initiative                                Continued, Sec 9006 (i)

10004(b)             National Organic Program Technology Upgrade                              Completed

10004(c)             National Organic Certification Cost-share                                         Not extended.

11020                 Crop Insurance Implementation                                                         Continued, Sec 10006

11026                 Index-based Weather Insurance Pilot                                                 Completed

12102                 Sheep Production and Marketing Grant                                            Continued, Sec 11304 (e) (3)

12201                 Outreach: Socially Disadvantaged, Veteran Producers                   Continued, Sec 11201

12314                 Pima Cotton Trust Fund                                                                        Repealed, Sec 11301

12315                 Wool Apparel Manufacturers Trust Fund                                          Repealed, Sec 11302

12316                 Wool Research and Promotion                                                            Repealed, Sec 11303

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