Are GMO Crops Really Safe?

The answer is: YES.

biotechnology makes crops betterFood from GMOs (genetically modified organisms, or bio-technologically modified crops) is digested into the body the same as any other type of food product including organic and/or non-GM crops. Hundreds and hundred of studies (and those ongoing) demonstrate that improved crops do not present any health risk.44 Before they reach the market, crops from GM seeds are studied extensively to make sure they are safe for people, animals and the environment. Today’s GM products are the most researched and tested agricultural products in history.  Not only do they NOT cause new allergies or cancers, infertility, ADHD or any other diseases, but in the decades that farmers have been growing crops from GM seeds, there has not been a single documented instance of harm to human health resulting from genetic modifications, including new allergic reactions.

Same As It Never Was

Foods from genetically modified seeds meet the same safety & nutritional requirements as foods from traditionally bred plants. That in itself is somewhat ironic since “No commercially available crops in the US were created by nature alone. Humans, over our history, have altered all of our crops, often for taste or yield or disease resistance.” 44

That being said, biotech crops on the market today are the same as their non-GM counterparts. Genetically modified corn is the same as non-GM corn, from a compositional and nutritional standpoint. FDA testing has confirmed that bio-technologically modified crops are nutritionally the same as non-GM crops, including the same levels of key nutrients like amino acids, proteins, fiber, minerals and vitamins.44

Safe AND Improved Nutrition

Not only are modified seeds and crops as safe as non-GM foods, but by improving crops additional vitamins and nutrients can be added. A new generation of GM crops (Golden Rice) delivers vitamin A enhanced rice, high carotene mustard seed oil, Vitamin A enhanced cassava, enriched sweet potatoes and even edible vaccines. This is just one example some of the innovations awaiting approval.44 What other nutritional improvements does the future hold?

GMO is NOT A Four Letter Word

Somewhere along the way, the term GMO has taken on negative connotations. Genetically modifying crops to make them cheaper, more resistant to disease, pests, drought and requiring less chemicals for greater storage times has been going on for centuries. No produce you can buy in the store today has not been spliced with other strains in some way to make it better. Not one. Yet some people practically spit out the word “GMO”. Bio-technologically improved crops and seeds are not only cheaper, but safer, or as safe, as any other type of products out there and we need more food than ever to feed our growing world population. In 25 years of independent research, there has never been a documented safety issue from modified seeds.44

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Tim Cansler