Cansler Clients in D.C. for Congressional Meetings

This month Cansler Consulting facilitated meetings between some of their clients and various Washington power brokers. Over a four-day period, Cansler Consulting and their clients attended a whirlwind series of 18 meetings with congressional members and their staff, five federal agencies including the White House Budget Office, Department of Homeland Security Custom and Border Protection, Environmental Protection Agency and US Forestry Service.

The important issues advocated by Cansler Consulting clients included the 2012 Farm Bill, adequate resources for state and county government programs, canine inspection programs, Pierce’s Disease, Citrus Health Programs, Forest Service NEPA, EGVM and LBAM and wildlife services cost share. The programs advocated total near $330 million.

Clients Witness Washington in Play

During the week as the Cansler group maneuvered through Washington, they witnessed first-hand congressional budget negotiations that were in high gear on Capitol Hill. The US House and Senate approved a Continuing Resolution (CR) that included $4 billion in spending cuts for the remainder of fiscal year (FY 2011). The vote was overwhelming in both chambers; 335-91 in the US House where more than 100 Democrats joined all but six Republicans in voting to cut federal spending, and 91-9 in the US Senate.  This spending resolution extended federal operations through March 18. Congress subsequently adopted another CR through April 8 and is currently working on what will be the seventh CR.  It remains to be seen if current negotiations result in another short term CR or one that will fund the government through the remainder of FY 2011.

While President Obama continues to sign short term CR’s, he is calling for a longer extension stating “Living with the threat of a (government) shutdown every few weeks is not responsible and it puts our economic progress in jeopardy.”  Cansler and their clients continue to work with congressional members to provide a needed legislative corrections to the current (2008) Farm Bill in a long-term CR.

Importance of Advocacy

Cansler Consulting strongly believes in client-to-Member advocacy on federal issues impacting their livelihood.  Every day several constituencies call on Members of Congress to advocate their issues and if you are not among those educating Members and their staff about your side of the story it may never be heard.

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Tim Cansler