Is Your Government Relations Team #SmartWorking?

There’s been a huge swell in lobbying activities in Washington during the COVID-19 pandemic as Congress swiftly enacts policies to help those impacted. Events like the COVID-19 pandemic typically alter the course for many sectors toward technologies and different methods they should have been using all along. So, it begs the question why are some government relations firms charging their clients $40,000, $50,000 and $80,000 per quarter? It’s outrageous. #Smartworking government relations firms will never cost that much.

Federal Budget Changes Coming. Is Your Organization Ready?

No matter the outcome of the upcoming mid-term elections there is an important policy issue that will take center stage early in the coming 116th Congress.  Its an issue that everyone knows Congress must begin to address and its an issue that could impact everyone’s favorite federal program — the federal debt and growing federal…

Cansler Keynotes Annual Conference for Tennessee Farm Bureau Presidents

“Tim Cansler’s behind the scenes Washington knowledge on agricultural and farm issues makes him an excellent choice for hearing the “rest of the story” about current Washington happenings. His agricultural and Farm Bureau background provide a solid foundation and understanding of the issues important to farmers.” Jeff Aiken President Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation Cansler Consulting,…

Small Lobbyist Secures $72 Million from State Gov’t for GA County

Henry County SignHenry County, Georgia needed help.  They needed money to widen GA155. The Board of County Commissioners hired a small lobbying firm and within ONE WEEK, the firm had procured $72 million to widen the road….

wait for it…

at the whopping cost of $2000 per month for one year. So,  $24,000 netted the County $71,976.000.00. “That’s a pretty good investment, I think,” said Commissioner Blake Prince, of funding the lobbyist’s contract.…

U.S.-Canada Regulatory Cooperation Council (RCC)

Tim Cansler w Canada's Ambassador David MacNaughton

Tim Cansler w Canada’s Ambassador to the U.S. David MacNaughton

U.S. and Canadian Regulatory Senior Officials met to discuss opportunities to smooth and speed imports and exports between the two countries and enhance economic competitiveness while at the same time heightening safety standards.  The RCC is made up of government officials and industry stakeholders focused on trying “to promote economic growth, job creation, and benefits to consumers and businesses through increased regulatory transparency and coordination” between the two North American giants. Both countries maintain a very effective regulatory system that achieves similar levels of protection.  In addition, regulatory officials on both sides of the border have generally compatible regulatory values and practices.

What to Look for in a Lobbyist?

What to look for in a Lobbyist

What to look for in a Lobbyist

When selecting a professional lobbyist for your organization, it’s vital to find a lobbyist that is a good fit for your needs, budget and style. Hopefully, this is a relationship that will benefit you for years to come, so making the right decision is critical. Keep in mind when searching for professional legislative representation, make sure they are… …

Support Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday Nov 28th

Small Business Saturday Nov 28th

Cansler Consulting prides itself in being a boutique lobbying and consulting firm. We also support other small businesses and urge everyone during this upcoming holiday season to support small businesses, not just Nov. 28th but all year round.

Small Businesses Saturday
November 28, 2015.

Small Businesses Make More Cents

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) there are 28 million small businesses across America. Those Small Businesses account for 54% of all U.S. sales and have provided 66% of all net new jobs in the U.S. since the 1970’s.…

Proactive Lobbying

Good lobbyists foresee obstacles and opportunities

Good lobbyists foresee obstacles and opportunities

A good lobbyist not only advocates a client’s position on issues to legislators, but forecasts upcoming obstacles and opportunities. For years now, we have been proactively advising clients of the nation’s precipitous financial issues on our Cansler Consulting blog. Our ability to assess trends in policy can help steer your organization  through the mine fields of policy changes and program cuts our nation is facing now and in the future.…

Smaller Lobbying Firms: Resources on Demand

Tapping a vast array of contract & networked resources

Tapping a vast array of contract & networked resources

Many times when discussing a potential client’s needs, the question comes up about “how we handle issues when they seem larger than the scope of our internal resources.” The answer is: we use our network of resources. After two decades of experience in Washington, D.C., Cansler Consulting has developed a vast array of political, legal, marketing and technical resources that are readily available to handle any issue. By not keeping full time resources on the clock, our clients are not paying for the expensive overhead of a huge staff.  This way client’s resources can be more efficiently and effectively targeted.

Top 10 Reasons Smaller Lobbying Firms are Better Part 3

Using technology to stay connected to govt and clients9.) Smaller, Entrepreneurial Lobbying Firms are Connected

Large lobbying firms are slower to utilize technological connectivity until their I.T. departments can set up a policy and roll it out company wide. But more and more government is now embracing new technologies and social media such as Facebook and Twitter as the tech-savvy Generation Y enters the workforce. Smaller, entrepreneurial firms are able to embrace these channels that government is using with minimal cost and no need for laborious roll outs or policies. Twitter and Facebook are now major components in every campaign and often make the difference. Solution: pick a smaller, entrepreneurial lobbying firm that embraces and utilizes social media to stay connected to rapid changes in government.…

Top 10 Reasons Smaller Entrepreneurial Lobbying Firms are Better Part 2

Example: Mega-Firms' diluted focus on your industry

Example: Mega-Firms' diluted focus on your industry

4.) Conflicts of Interest Are More Prevalent in Large Firms

In the last few years Washington, D.C. has witnessed conflicts of interest arising among clientele of large lobbying firms and the firm splitting up into multiple, separate firms. Oftentimes, when conflicts of interest arise among a large lobbying firms clientele, in most cases its the smaller client that gets parceled out to another firm or dropped altogether. Solution: Pick a smaller, entrepreneurial lobbying firm that will not throw you under the bus while chasing higher paying clients.…

Top 10 Reasons Smaller Entrepreneurial Lobbying Firms are Better Part 1

In this series of articles, we will demonstrate why smaller, entrepreneurial  lobbying firms are better for most clients than larger, mega-firms. This is in response to the multiple mergers, acquisitions and increased involvement of multi-national firms that is occurring in Washington, D.C.  as reported by The Hill in June of this year.  Keep in mind, this is not true for every situation, huge corporations with enormous lobbying budgets may need (and be able to afford) the additional staffing and resources that a mega-sized lobbying firm can bring to the table.

Sample of Mega-Lobbying Firm Focus/Revenue

Sample of Mega-Lobbying Firm Focus/Revenue

But for the majority of organizations out there that don’t have large lobbying budgets, a smaller more specialized and entrepreneurial firm can be more effective due to the enhanced focus they offer and it comes at an affordable price. We have categorized the benefits of hiring a smaller, entrepreneurial lobbying firm into the following…

  • Cost Effective
  • More Focus
  • More Experience
  • More Agile
  • More Connected
  • More Results

Benefits to Using a Lobbyist

Washington LobbyistMany different types of organizations can benefit from using a lobbyist to get their voice heard in government. From Non-Profit Organizations and Associations to large and small for-profit businesses, lobbyists can take your message to Congress and even local and state governments. Lobbyists enable organizations to draft legislation, develop strategies for new regulations, connect and stay informed, and proactively reach out to elected officials prior to new policies being drafted. …