Congress Approves Increase for Cansler Consulting Clients

The California Agricultural Commissioners and Sealers Association

The California Agricultural Commissioners and Sealers Association

40% Increase for Federal Programs Important to Cansler Consulting Client

Cansler Consulting often advises current & potential clients that advocating for important federal programs and legislation is like running a marathon instead of a sprint.  Our client, California Agricultural Commissioners and Sealers Association (CACASA)understands this and so it is especially gratifying that after employing our strategies over the past few years toward the re-authorization of the Farm Bill, this week Congress adopted, and the President will soon sign into law H.R. 2642.  According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) enactment of the law will increase federal spending by $193 million over ten years for important biological programs for agriculture that our client implements, an increase of 40%.  The current budget of $50 million annually will increase to $62.5 million in each FY 2014-16. In 2017, the total goes up to $75 million annually, and continues thereafter.

Members of CACASA are cooperators who share in the responsibility of implementing biological programs that protect agriculture and the environment with the Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS). With bipartisan support in the 2014 Farm Bill, Congress significantly invested in those vital biological programs. We congratulate Congress for recognizing the importance of biological programs for agriculture.

Against The Wind

This big win for Cansler’s client was achieved amidst some very adverse conditions…

  • A rightward shift in the GOP;
  • Unrelenting pressures for fiscal austerity as programs are being cut in order to save billions in the federal budget;
  • A dysfunctional and divided Congress – at a time when very little can be agreed upon; and
  • In legislation that generates $23 billion in savings to taxpayers over ten years.

The tendrils of a Farm Bill reach into nearly every part of our daily lives from the health of school children and their daily lunch programs to healthy foods available for SNAP beneficiaries to farm commodity programs.  And, the impacts can range from local to global affecting food prices at the grocery store, the livelihood of food company workers, intellectual property for potential violations of trade disputes and biological programs that protect the agriculture industry and the environment from harmful pests and diseases.

Cansler Consulting proactively maintains a long term vigilance for their clients and offers effective strategies to avert potential negative impacts of future legislation or regulatory actions.  Cansler Consulting also makes sure that the appropriate legislators are armed with the relevant facts to obtain client’s regulatory and legislative objectives. As illustrated here, our proactive strategies pay off big in long term gains for our clients.

Using their experience, professionalism, network, and proven strategies, Cansler Consulting navigated their client to achieve their legislative objectives and win congressional approval of an additional $193 million for their programs for the next ten fiscal years through 2023.

Cansler Consulting government relations lobbyists At Cansler Consulting we understand that in Washington, D.C. change is the only constant. Advocacy in Washington is also changing and we are at the forefront using new technologies and data to help us focus on strategies that improve our client's return on investment. Our core lobbying strategies are driven by the value at stake from federal legislative & regulatory actions. Leading studies indicate that today's business value impacted by government and regulatory action, or inaction can reach as high as 30 percent of earnings for most companies. With as much as one-third of earnings at stake, it is imperative that companies, industries and organizations engage in government relations. If you need effective representation from a bipartisan, entrepreneurial government relations firm contact Cansler Consulting. We are certified by the National Institute of Lobbying and Ethics and have decades of experience assisting clients in issue areas including Agriculture, Budget & Appropriations, Food Safety, Transportation & Infrastructure, International Trade and Energy. Through our relationships established in Washington, D.C. and throughout the U.S. for over two decades we can help you the legislative and regulatory processes on Capitol Hill and inside federal agencies. You can contact us at

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