Buyers Interested in Production Agricultural Land

Cansler Consulting represents private and institutional buyers of agricultural land with a focus on purchases in the United States. Our buyers will purchase farmland with no improvements or turnkey operations that are fully integrated with all improvements, equipment, labor, etc. These include:

  • land and farms that are currently in operation,
  • farmers and land owners nearing retirement, and
  • operations that are financially distressed.

Buyers will purchase single properties as well as large portfolios.  Below are the types of property of interest:

Permanent Crop

Permanent Crop is currently the most desirable property for our clients.  Buyers will consider all permanent crop types for purchase including; strawberry, blueberry, apple, citrus, peaches, etc. as well as all nut types.  Buyers focus is on permanent crop land/farms that are a minimum of 500 acres but will consider smaller properties.  As an example, for blueberry or strawberry farms, 100 acres would be desirable. Any type of permanent crop will be of interest in the United States, but the southeast and northwest are the two most desirable locations at this time.

Buyers will also purchase land/farms outside of the United States including South America, Central America, Australia and Europe.

Small Vegetable

Buyers can move rapidly in acquiring small vegetable farms with a minimum of 500 acres but will consider smaller properties. Crop types include: squash, zucchini, eggplant, tomato, melons, peppers, cucumber, potatoes, etc.

Row Crop/Grain Farms

Corn field

Corn field

Crop types include corn, beans, wheat, rice, cotton, canola, sugar cane, onions, beets, potatoes, barley, etc. Buyers focus is on row crop/grain farms with a minimum of 2,500 acres. Desirable locations include anywhere in the United States as well as Argentina, Uruguay and Australia.

For examples of transaction scenarios for Permanent and Small Vegetable crops buyer:

  1. Will purchase existing operations and install their own management/operators.
  2. Can phase out the existing operator and offer them a salary.
  3. Can leave existing operator in place permanently if they so desire.

For Row Crop/Grain Farms, buyer:

  1. Can purchase land/farms with tenant currently in place if the lease is suitable.
  2. Will purchase existing operations and install their own management/operators.
  3. Can purchase land/farms with a leaseback to seller.

Most row crop farms will need to be set up on a cash rent lease. If buyer inherits a share crop type lease, buyer will need the ability to convert to a cash rent lease within one year.


Anyone with interest should contact Tim Cansler, Cansler Consulting at (202)714-2822, or [email protected].

Tim Cansler