Cansler Consulting: A member of the American League of Lobbyists

The American League of LobbyistsCansler Consulting is a proud member of the American League of Lobbyists, (ALL) which represents the profession of lobbying. ALL recognizes the need to represent clients effectively before Congress and federal agencies. Lobbyists increasingly need to possess the level of education, training, practice, and skill to do so ethically and professionally. While the interests of lobbyists cut across political, ideological, philosophical, and economic lines, the effective and respected lobbyist is not only well trained but also possesses characteristics of integrity and judgment that advance the legislative and regulatory processes!

Lobbying is an integral part of our nation’s democratic process and is a constitutionally guaranteed right for every U.S. citizen. Government officials are continuously making public policy decisions that affect the vital interests of individuals, corporations, organizations, religious groups, charitable institutions and other entities. Public officials need to receive factual information from affected interests continuously and to know such parties’ views in order to make informed policy judgments. In exercising their rights to try to influence public policy, interests often choose to employ professional representatives to monitor developments and advocate their positions, or to use lobbyists through their membership in trade associations and other membership organizations. Tens of thousands of men and women now are professional lobbyists and represent virtually every type of interest.

ALL members include private lobbyists, lobbyists working for for-profit entities, lobbyists working for not-for-profit entities. Current activities include numerous meetings and presentations on public policy issues, seminars on lobbying techniques and practices, surveys of public policy professionals, representation of the profession of public policy advocacy, and most importantly the maintenance and upholding of a Code of Ethics for lobbyists.

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Tim Cansler