Cansler Consulting is a lobbying & consulting firm that specializes in

Tim Cansler of Cansler Consulting

Founder & Chief Strategist, Tim Cansler

interacting with lawmakers and regulatory officials to be able to provide strategic analysis and advice based on impending changes that impact your company or organization.

Using over two decades of legislative and regulatory experiences in federal government and our nation-wide network, Cansler Consulting continues delivering positive results for our clients.

Personalized Service, Big Impact

  • Government Relations – government decisions provide opportunities and challenges to business and industry.  Our interactions with lawmakers and regulatory officials help our clients better understand and react to impending government decisions to lessen impacts and create opportunities.
  • Public Opinion Management – Lawmakers value voter’s opinions in their respective districts, through grass roots training and organizing, we can influence decisions on major policy initiatives. Public relations have become nearly as critical a factor in legislative development as lobbying. Let us help you get your message across.
  • Coalition Building – organizing support from varying other like-minded organizations to apply influence over lawmakers and policy officials.

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